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2020-2021 FBCHA Basketball Season


*ages as of September 1, 2020
Wednesday Sept. 16 & 18, 6 AM till 8 AM at Slaters: 10UBoys, 12Uboys, 14Uboys. (This means if your SON is 14 or younger on Sept. 1st this year, you need to come to these tryouts.)
Wednesday Sept. 23 & 25, 6 AM till 8 AM at Slaters: Everybody else. 

Regular Season Practices will be every Wednesday and Friday (except the days there are games that evening at coaches discretion).

The 1st two practices are used as an opportunity for team selection and to ensure FBCHA is a good fit for your family. Since all kids will make the team (assuming we have enough in that age group and gender to make a team and a parent willing to volunteer as coach) this is really where you the parents and kids are “trying out” FBCHA to see if you want to commit to the season.

All tryouts will be at:
Slaters Sports Zone (now called The DUB SPORTS) located at 727 Plantation Dr. Richmond, TX 77406

Season Practice locations will be at The Dub Sports (formerly Slaters), Crossover, PickUp USA, and/or other locations. We will do our best to not split up families between locations but please plan on being in 2 locations if you have multiple kids. The logistics of getting all families with multiple kids in the same place are impossible.

Games can be any day except Wednesday evenings or on Sundays. We try to stay in the Ft. Bend area for games but we have to branch out all over Houston to get the number of games the kids want to play. There is a year-end tournament which is called the Big South Regional Tournament located in DFW Texas February 25-27, 2021. Go ahead and mark your calendars now (some of our teams are returning champions). If there is a desire by the kids and the parents we will send team(s) to the National Tournament. Nationals are in Springfield, MO and are March 13-19, 2021.

We STRICTLY adhere to the eligibility rules of The National Christian Homeschool Championship (NCHC). New families need to pay special attention to these rules. Given what is happening to non homeschool sports, there is special attention being given to "transfers" who might be using homeschool as an opportunity to play basketball until schools open back up. If that describes you and you are knowingly going to be a "one and done", then FBCHA is not the program for you. FBCHA invests heavily into the lives of these young men and women and we are not willing to sacrifice genuine homeschool families for those using us as a convenient place to play basketball for 1 year.

FBCHA attempts to break-even each year and due to generous donations we are able to keep the prices well below the market and our actual cost. The prices shown below reflect ZERO increase over last year and assume there will be active participation by all in the fund raising activities.

*Prices below do NOT include the cost of purchasing your uniform which is about $100 or the NEW MEMBER FEE OF $50 WHICH WILL BE DUE AFTER TRYOUTS IF YOU DECIDE TO PLAY FOR THE SEASON.
*Participation in fund raising is mandatory. A donation of $200, in lieu of fund raising is acceptable. (Partial donation to meet minimum fund raising amount is required). This is the only way we can keep the fees at their current amounts.

• 18U and 16U (Varsity & JV) $430 (approximately 40 games)
• 14U $355 (approximately 30 games)
• 12U $255 (approximately 25 games)
• 10U $230 (approximately 20 games)

Please consider there are a lot of factors (ESPECIALLY THIS YEAR) that change the above information and the Servant Leadership Team (STL) will strive to keep the costs as low as possible while providing a meaningful number of games for the kids.

An important factor in your decision making process is the fact that this is a competitive basketball program and playing time is NOT guaranteed. What we do guarantee is the fact that the SLT will strive to provide an atmosphere that is based on Godly principles and the spiritual growth of the kids is more important to us than how good our basketball players/teams are.

There will be a MANDATORY parent meeting for ALL families at the end of each Friday Tryout Session (one parent per family required). We are doing it this way this year because of all the changes due to COVID. If you don't make 1 of the 2 parent meetings your child won't be placed on a team. Sorry to be hard core on this one, but zero exceptions. Friday the 18th or the 25th at 8 AM till 8:30 AM at Slaters.

All new families are required to meet with 2 members of the SLT to ensure there's a mutual understanding of what FBCHA is about and what we as the SLT expect from you as parents and your child and for you to know what we are about. It is our intention to prevent future unpleasant situations from misunderstandings and false expectations. These meetings can be in person or via ZOOM. If you are a new family and certain you want to join FBCHA this season, please send an email to David Leach at [email protected] so we can schedule the meeting.

1. Pray about this to see if this fits with the spiritual goals of your family.
2. Whether you participate or not please pray for our success, as defined by God.
3. If you are a new family and you know you want to join FBCHA, schedule a meeting with the SLT. (new families are NOT returning families, only those who have never been part of FBCHA)
4. Sign the COVID Waiver and the FBCHA Player Release and Waiver and email to Coach Leach ([email protected]). Waivers are found under the “WAIVERS” tab on the header portion of our website. Players are not allowed to participate in any FBCHA activities without both signed waivers.

In HIS service,

Servant Leadership Team (SLT)


Season Dates: 09/23/2020 to 03/31/2021


Season Dates: 09/23/2020 to 03/31/2021


Season Dates: 09/16/2020 to 03/31/2021


Season Dates: 09/23/2020 to 03/31/2021


Season Dates: 09/16/2020 to 03/31/2021


Season Dates: 09/23/2020 to 03/31/2021


Season Dates: 09/16/2020 to 03/31/2021


Season Dates: 09/23/2020 to 03/31/2021


Season Dates: 09/23/2020 to 03/31/2021

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